About Me

I love to live a healthy lifestyle. I am a Whole Foods salad bar junkie, I juice most mornings, and CrossFit five times a week; I love yoga and have run several half marathons. I have simple mantras that make all the difference, “get strong, not skinny”, “show up” and “shake it off” (bad work out days).

Over the past three years I have made huge gains in my physical fitness, become a CrossFit trainer and have taken several educational courses to broaden my knowledge in the fitness and health arenas. I have learned the most by putting it all into action. Finding my strengths, my weakness, what works and what doesn’t, is my constantly evolving process.  My CrossFit gym is like my second home and I have learned so much from the community.

I’m continuously amazed by the results, both physical and mental, that people achieve through Crossfit workouts. People gain an entire shift in their perspective of what is possible. It stops being about what you weigh on the scale and more about being faster, stronger, and more flexible, than you were three months ago. CrossFit has made me a more braver version of myself: ”Bring it on world!!”. I am very excited to take on this next phase and get personally involved with you and your fitness goals. This is my passion. I love to help others discover what they are really made of, break barriers and SEE RESULTS!


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